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NEOTEC 3 Grasp TC-3


The latest addition to Shoei’s renowned series of system helmets. The NEOTEC 3 takes it to the next level - combining cutting edge technology, style, and safety.

The most versatile model in the Shoei range, the Neotec 3 is equally at home during long distance touring, sport riding, or city commuting.

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Shoei Neotec 3


  • EC22.06 Certified.
  • New CNS-3C visor with a central lock system that minimises deflection during operation.
  • New multi-positional ventilation system for precise airflow management.
  • Secure micro ratchet chinstrap that has been redesigned for safety and ease, with a controlled opening feature that can only be operated from a specific angle.
  • New seamless design which improves airflow over the shell for enhanced performance.
  • Redesigned cheek pad with noise isolator for superior comfort and reduced noise.
  • Streamlined integrated communication system mounting mechanism for effortless SRL3 connectivity.
Neotec 3


  •  Seamlessly integrated design eliminates the gaps between face cover, shell, and ventilation components.
  • Advanced aerodynamics for improved riding comfort and noise reduction.
  • Built-in spoiler enhances stability.
  • Engineered to seamlessly integrate the exclusive Sena SRL 3 communication system, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.
Shoei Neotec 3


  • CNS-3C visor with central lock designed for effortless opening and closing with minimised deflection.
  • Upgraded fit and seal effectively keep out water and air, ensuring a comfortable ride.
  • Strengthened window beading for heightened durability, extending the lifespan of your visor.
  • Included Pinlock system guarantees fog-free vision, enhancing safety and visibility.
Shoei Neotec 3


  • Equipped with QSV-2 sun visor for clear visibility in varying conditions.
  • Smooth and easy sun visor operation enhances convenience while riding.
  • Built-in stopper function ensures the sun visor remains securely in place, preventing unintended closures.
Shoei Neotec 3


  • Fully removable lining for effortless cleaning and upkeep.
  • Newly designed extended cheek pads with noise isolator for superior comfort and reduced noise.
  • High absorption, quick-drying fabric ensures a comfortable ride. 
  • Centre pads and cheek pads are available in different thicknesses for a truly personalised fit.
Shoei Neotec 3


  • Precision testing and perfected through rigorous trials in Shoei's own wind tunnel facility.
  • Two intake holes, complete with a filter, optimise airflow efficiency. 
  • Glove-friendly upper air intake featuring two intake holes.
  • Top air outlet with two outlet holes effectively expels warm air, enhancing overall ventilation performance.
Shoei Neotec 3


  • Effortlessly sync with the new Sena SRL 3 Mesh system for seamless communication.
  • The new Sena SRL 3’s compact design seamlessly integrates into the helmet shell for a sleek look.
  • User-friendly setup and operation ensure a fully connected and immersive riding experience.
Shoei Neotec 3


  • EC22.06 certification ensures the highest level of safety standards.
  • Dual homologation, approved for safe use of the chin bar in both open and closed positions.
  • Advanced AIM shell constructed with multiple layers of robust glass and organic fibre, providing a high-performance shell structure.
  • Efficient impact management with multi-piece EPS liner designed to effectively absorb impacts, enhancing overall safety.
  • Secure micro-ratchet, stainless steel, chin strap designed to only open at a specific angle for reliable fastening and ease of use.
  • Included Pinlock system prevents fogging, ensuring clear visibility and enhanced safety.
Shoei Neotec 3
Shoei Neotec 3
Shoei Neotec3
Shoei Neotec 3

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